Nutrients in dog food for health and stamina

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    Dog Food Nutrition.

    Nutrients in dog food should be one of your main objective when buying pet food.

    Our pets deserve the very nutrients in dog food for the optimal health of your pet and a long & happy life.

    One of the most important nutrients in dog food is of course protein . Nutrition for the life of your dog is crucial for your pets well being

    There are six basic nutrients that people and any animals needs for optimum health.  Here is a list

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Vitamins
  • Carbs
  • Minerals
  • Water
  • Bone meal

    Just like humans, dog nutrition is vital to their well being. Dogs need Amino acids.  Amino acids are made by the body but they also are supplied to us by proteins.  Does that make you feel like having a nice juicy steak.  Yum.


    How we come to the most misunderstood nutrient, fats.  We cannot live without fats.  Especially in very cold climates, fats are a must or the body starts using muscle for energy.  Not good.


    Vitamins are of course important for good health and we take them for granted.  Humans pop a pill and can get extra vitamins.  Which reminds me.  I should take some.  Dogs on the other hand depend on their food for vitamins.   Unless your dog is recovering from an injury or is pregnant, don't give any vitamin C.  A dog manufacture his own vitamin C in his body.  Wish I did that!  B-complex, including thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, niacin, pyridoxine, biotin, folic acid, choline, and B12, and C, ascorbic acid. B-vitamins help convert food to energy; C can be manufactured by the dog and supplementation is not necessary. However, some breeders insist that Vitamin C is helpful for dogs that are under stress.

    Fat soluble vitamins are A, D, E, and K.  Don't give too much and always get the advice of your vet.  Lack of Vitamin E can cause muscle problems.  Lack of Vitamin A can cause eye problems.  Too many vitamin A can cause bone problems.  Too much vitamin D can cause problems with the kidneys and lungs.  Too little can cause Rickets.  That's why we make our kids drink plenty of milk.


    Good dog nutrition needs carbs.  You wouldn't think a dog would need pasta (I'm kidding) but Carbs are needed just the same.  Some say they should be about 33% of a dog diet but I warn you to use good grains for your dogs carbs.  Watch out for corn and wheat because you don't know from where it came from.  If it came from Canada or China it has poison in it in the form of pesticides.  Nice of them isn't it?
    American corn has been cross pollinated by bio-engineered corn called Star Link.  I can't believe how stupid scientist or maybe it was just a big corn company thinking they could plant some bio-engineered corn and expect it to stay right where it was planted and no bees or birds would come along to pollinate.  Just plain stupid.  In fact they say that is why the bees and birds are disappearing.  It's just great they didn't tell American's or even are required to tell American's that they are eating bio-engineered grains.  Corn we know about (look up StarLInk) but just think about all the food we don't know about.  But I digress...


    Dogs need sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and trace amounts of iron, copper, zinc, etc.  A good pet vitamin tab will most likely take care of any Vitamin/Mineral deficiency.


    BHT, BHA and Ethoxyquin are often used even though Ethoxyquin is banned in Europe as a carcinogen.  The higher the amount of these ingredients, the longer the shelf life but I say if you want your dog to have skin problems, allergies and reproductive failure go ahead and buy it.  But don't.  Just put the bag back on the shelf and go for the better food.  Why let Monsanto Chemical Company make any more money than they already have.  Europe won't use their chemicals.  So why don't we have a choice?

    Remember when buying food.  Your dog doesn't care what color they food is.  they don't care if they are round little pellets or in the shape of stars or tiny bones.  Dog food manufacturers market to humans, no canines.  Don't get sucked in by their colorful advertisements telling you that their food is the best and "natural" or "healthy" or "pure" "high quality" "best" "finest" and on and on.  There are no standard definitions of these words.  Dog food companies don't have to prove to anyone what goes into their dog food.  And I think that's so sad.

    I read this quote:  "Major dog food manufacturers make every effort to provide a balanced diet of proper nutrients in usable form".  This is just not true!  They are only concerned with their bottom line and that's why we had the dog food recall.  Do your dog a favor and cook their food for them. I have some fine recipes that you can make at home from recipes here .


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