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The Best Dog Food For Allergies is not always in a can or a bag.

Dog Allergies and Pet Food.  Where is the link?

It has been proven that certain pet foods that contain substandard ingredients will cause allergies and even cancer.

    The other day my Vet told me my pet has dog allergies. He had run some tests and he found nothing wrong with my dog even though Scruffy had sores all over his body and he was scratching all over.

    He suggested that I go on a new dog food that was available from his vet practice to control the allergies.  I bought some of the food and my dog hated it.  And it was expensive!

    The only place I could buy it from was the vets office because it was only sold by prescription.  My dog, who weighs 60 pounds eats a lot of kibble and I bought a big bag for $55.00 and a case of canned food for $24.00.  Along with the vet bill for the ailment that they could not find, came to $200.00.  Was I being taken?

    Now times are hard.  I can't spend $74.00 twice a month for my dog food.  Plus he hated the taste.  I looked into Prescription foods and they are basically a way for a vet to make more money off you when there the tests have been done and nothing is wrong with your dog.  Dog allergies is a big business.

    The best thing you can do if your pet has developed dog allergies is to switch to a holistic food from a specialty dog food store. The best dog food for allergies is probably right in your fridge and you didn't even know it.  Fresh chicken and rice and that's what you find in Hill's ID

    I was appalled. I don't want my dog to be sick and scratching all the time from dog allergies. I don't have the money for it.

    Look at the ingredients in your dog food and canned food and make it yourself.  It's not that hard and you can find many free dog food recipes here:

    For an in depth look at dog food allergies visit this site

    And for free recipes take a look at this site

    To find the best pet food can be an ongoing battle because companies are bought out by the competition and slowly change their products ingredients.

    We all remember the dog food scare that killed thousands of dogs.  Hills Prescription dog food was pulled from the market....Very quietly.

    In fact any time they can't find out what's wrong with my dog, they shove medicated wipes, antibiotics and allergy hypoallergenic dog food into my arms and then take my $500.00.

    This can't last forever.  Someone has got to stop the buy out of vet companies that lay out a procedure to make money on needless "special" hypoallergenic foods and not ever getting an answer to the real problems.

    Cooking for your pet is a sure fire way to prove that your pet is not suffering from a feeding allergy.  It's not hard to make chow for your pet.


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