Dogs without proper nutrition

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Dogs without proper nutrition.

Dogs that do not have enough nutrition in their food can often look listless, tired, sleepy and not have enough energy for a long walk and play.

Often I have seen dogs who are taken out of their homes for a "walk" and are made to stand in one place until they relieve themselves.

I have also noted that these dogs are walked by people who don't care, don't know or just have enough information to keep a dog.  I wonder why people like this are allowed to have pets?

Feed your dog the best food you can find.  I don't mean believe the commercials on TV because those are paid for by the rich companies who make commercial dog food.

They don't care that their dog food doesn't meet the requirements to keep a dog healthy.  They just care about their bottom line.  In other words, their profits.  They are a business and they don't care about your dog.  They really don't.

Have you ever heard of the fact that dogs can't see colors?  That's right.  They can't see colors.  Their world is in black and white.  They don't care about the shape the dog food is in because they cannot process shapes unless they are moving (as in you throw the ball).

So when you buy the cheapest dog food at Safeway, think about it.  Does the bag show colorful kibble shaped into little bones or stars or whatever?

They are patronizing the customer.  The dog could care less.  You think it looks good, so you buy it.  Don't buy it!

You want a dog food that will do the most for your dog.  Read the labels.  Look for the ingredients and help your dog live a good long life.

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Portrait of Collie by Ron Krewjewski