Paw injuries and infections due to allergies

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Paw, feet and foot infections and allergies?

Right now I'm looking at my dog's paw

It's red and swollen and my dog will not stop licking it.

Take care of your dog's feet.  They can signal an allergy or infection.

My dog's paws are very hairy.  Sometimes they become matted hair within a week, the hair grows so fast.

Dog's don't like their feet touched.  They hate it.  So be kind to them while you examine the foot.  If the dog starts panting, something is hurting him.

My vet told me that panting when a dog hasn't been exercised is a sign of distress, usually pain.

A good remedy for paw problems is to soak the foot in Epsom Salts.  It worked when I was a kid and it's a good safe product.  Why do we think we have to buy what's advertised on TV or on the Internet when good products like these are main stays of home health care.


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