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Pet Portraits are essential to the dog lover.

Take that future pet portraits picture as soon as you bring your baby home.  It will take just a few days to see them grow and their faces change.

    You'll bring home that baby dog and in one week his ears will have changed and his face will be a little more mature.  It only takes a few months for your puppy to change into a dog.

    So be sure to take lots of photos because he's only a puppy for a short time.

    So keep in mind that pet portraits because if you are a real dog lover you are going to be glad you took those pictures when you could.

    Here is a list of when you should take those pictures for a future pet portraits:

    • On the way home in the car
    • Showing your new puppy his bed
    • Feeding your puppy his first meal at home
    • 2 a.m. looking for clock so that the puppy can hear it ticking and let you get some sleep.
    • 4 a.m. digging around looking for that hot water bottle so the baby can fall asleep.
    • 6 a.m. dragging the crate and the puppy into the bedroom
    • 8 a.m. Calling into work saying you will be a bit late.
    • Going back to bed with the puppy in your arms.
    • Putting the pet portraits of your dog on your desk at work

We love puppies!


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Portrait of Collie by Ron Krewjewski