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    Pros & Cons of Having Pets in College

    Students’ desire to have a pet is not a luxury. It’s caused by various reasons, such as loneliness, the lack of positive emotions, and even homesickness. Moreover, pets may be beneficial for students. But not all of them are aware that having a pet is a huge responsibility, especially if you do it in college. The majority of students who hear the word ‘pets’ presuppose cats and dogs, whereas the best pets to have in college are fish, turtles, hamsters, parrots, and so on.
    But desires are different, and someone can’t resist having at least a small dog in the dorm room. If you belong to those people, we advise you to read the following information and decide whether you’re ready for it or not.

    Having pets in college: Pros

    - Pets encourage your socialization. Those students who have dogs and walk it on campus have better chances to make new friends. All people who see the nice dog can’t resist the desire to ask the owner to pet it. You may start the conversation, and who knows what happens next. So if you have no friends and thought of having a god, don’t hesitate anymore. You can always ask for paper writing help and get the free time to walk.
    - They are your close friends. If you can’t make friends with people, have a pet. You won’t feel lonely anymore because each time you’ll come back from college, your furry friend will gladly greet you.
    - You’ll learn better. If you constantly experience difficulties with academic assignments and "write my essay cheap" is the most common message you write, you should also consider having a pet. Scientists proved that pets increase the production of endorphins, reduce the level of stress and anxiety that are widespread side effects of studying.
    - You get experience in caring for someone. The ability to take responsibility for somebody’s life is the ability of a full-fledged person. And it doesn’t matter whether you want to choose one of the small pets for college students or want to have a huge dog.

    Having pets in college: Cons

    - It costs a lot. Apart from the fact that you have to buy a pet, you need to visit the veterinarian and buy food. But the full list of expenses is a lot bigger. If you have enough money, do it.
    - They require time. Usually, students are too busy studying. Having a dog presupposes that you’ll have to walk with it. All other pets also require time to care about them. Of course, you can always find the professional writer, text him “do my accounting homework,” and devote your time to your little friend.
    - You depend on it. If you want to go somewhere on a weekend or travel to another country, you have to find someone to care about your pet. That’s why those who can’t stay anywhere too long shouldn’t have pets.
    - It may be illegal. Not all dormitories let students have pets. The authorities don’t understand that there are small and good college pets that won’t harm the room.
    - Moreover, even those students who agree to cover the possible expenses can’t persuade heads to change their opinion.

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